BLOOD PACT--YA Fantasy, complete at 67,000 words

Best friends Faylinn and Luke were born to die.

In rural Alabama, where the cruel Unseelie faerie court has become the ruling class, the annual human sacrifice is the only thing keeping the tenuous peace between humans and fey. But as they prepare for their upcoming execution, seventeen-year-olds Faylinn and Luke uncover some disturbing truths:  they're half-fey themselves, and this year, their deaths won't be enough to satisfy those in power. The Queen is hungry for blood, and if her twisted plan succeeds, the entire human race will be brutally annihilated.

With only each other to trust, Faylinn and Luke flee the Queen's deadly hunt and set off on a quest to seek intervention from their people--the Seelie Court. Alone and on the run, the two grow closer than they've ever been, but as their relationship deepens, so do the layers of deceptions. Luke knows more about the Queen's maniacal plan than he's letting on, and Faylinn's been hiding a lifelong secret of her own: she sees spirits.

Luke and Faylinn were once inseparable, destined to live and die side by side. Now, with the fey courts at war and the lives of everyone they love at stake, the teens must overcome their growing mistrust and fight together for what they believe in. But as they come into their own otherworldly powers, Luke and Faylinn face an even bigger battle: what if they no longer believe the same thing?