Friday, July 15, 2011

Review of Angel Burn, by L.A. Weatherly

Willow and her mom live with her aunt in a small town in New York. Willow knows she's different, but she embraces her psychic abilities and tries to make a little money to placate her resentful aunt. Little does When the most popular girl at school asks Willow for a reading, she has no idea her life is about to take an extreme turn for the extraordinary. When she searches for answers, she finds Alex. Alex is a beautiful boy who knows about Willow and her power. Their attraction to each other is immediate, but Alex refuses to acknowledge her until he can't resist. Together they have a lot to figure out about the world, good and evil, and about themselves.

I really enjoyed this read. Angel Burn is not your typical angel book. The book is written from two point's of view. Willow's POV is written in first person, and Alex's POV is written in third. I was a little confused by this at first (because it wasn't expected), but soon I found I enjoyed it. It gives the reader two perspectives, and I thought the way L.A. Weatherly wrote it was clever.

I can't wait for the second book to come out. I want to know more about Willow, Alex, and their journey.



  1. I've read books that use the same POV change. Once you get used to it, it does seem to offer more to the story.

  2. I haven't read an "angel" book yet, but this might be a good one to start with.