Friday, February 11, 2011

Across the Universe, Beth Revis


Amy's parents are important people; her mom is a geneticists and her dad is high up in the military. The have been given the opportunity of a lifetime; to go to another planet. Amy is surprised when her dad gives her a choice, to stay behind to live her years out on earth, or be cryogenically frozen for 300 years with them. Amy decides to be frozen with her parents aboard a ship named Godspeed until the reach their new home, but before the land, something goes terribly wrong.

While Amy sleeps for centuries, Elder is being trained by his mentor, Eldest, to be the leader of the ship's people. Elder senses Eldest is keeping secrets from him, starting with the frozens on the secret level of the ship. The tension between Elder and Eldest grows when Amy wakes up to find she is drowning in the cryogenic fluid. Has someone started to unfreeze the frozens? Is someone trying to kill them? Amy and Elder must solve the mystery before Amy's parents meet an untimely awakening and death.

If I woke up to find I still had over 50 years on a ship ran by a tyrannical dictator, I would be pissed, and guess what, Amy is pissed. Revis does a fantastic job of bringing that emotion to life. I was rooting for Amy's defiance and unwillingness to cooperate from the get-go.

I loved this book; it was written for people like me. If you love Dystopian society, mystery, romance, and sci-fi, then Across the Universe is for you. Each chapter is written in either Amy's or Elder's point of view which I thought was genius for more than one reason. First, it's not everyday you get to read a male point of view. Elder's voice is authentic, original, and well, male...what more can you ask for? Second, switching points of view made the book's flow more suspenseful and intriguing. At the end of the chapters I kept resisting the urge to skip ahead to see what happened with the characters.

I can't wait to see what happens next with Elder and Amy. Hopefully we won't have to wait too terribly long to find out. *fingers crossed*


  1. Hey Courtney! Wow, this sounds awesome! I've seen this book all over and have heard that it's really good, but I hadn't read over a proper synopsis of it. I totally can't wait to read it! I love dystopian and sci-fi; this is a mixture of all kinds of great stuff!

  2. It is such an awesome book! I thought it was such a unique concept and very well executed. I also have a signed copy of Across the Universe that I will be giving away on my blog soon! More details to come =)