Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

I loved this book! Being from the Alabama myself, I thought Kirsten Miller did a fabulous job portraying the way things really are in the south.

From the age of nine, Haven Moore knew there was something different about her. Haven had frequent fainting spells and visions of once being a New York girl named Constance who was killed in a fire with her one true love, Ethan Evans. Once word got around Snope City, Tennessee, citizens labeled Haven as a demon possessed freak. Rumors were often passed on by Haven's overbearing, gossiping, judgmental, religious grandmother, Imogene Snively.

Because Haven didn't want her family to suffer shame because of her, with the help of Pastor Dr. Tidmore, she fought the visions. She finally thought the visions had disappeared until one day a picture of New York billionaire, Iain Morrow, flashed across the television screen causing Haven to faint and the visions to come back stronger than before.

Haven's only friends and allies in Snope City are her business partner and gay best friend Beau Decker, as well as an eccentric, religious, snake handling girl, Leah Frizzell. Leah also has visions and warns Haven she needs to leave town as soon as possible; she is in danger and is being watched.

From her visions, Haven knows she must go to New York City to find out what really happened between Constance and Ethan once and for all. Is he really her true love? Is he a murderer? Has her heart left her in the wrong direction? She has so many questions, and no answers.

I can't wait to read more about this original story! Five stars to Kirsten Miller for the Eternal Ones.

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