Friday, February 25, 2011

The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff


In the town of Gentry, a parents worst fear is waking up to find their infant either drastically different, or dead. Someone, or something, has been replacing babies for as long as anyone can remember. Mackie Doyle knows he's one of them, although he's not sure what that is yet. He has a severe negative reaction to iron, and blood, and can't go on consecrated ground. To top it all off, he's dying. When Tate, one of his classmate's, sister suddenly dies, she comes to Mackie in hope of an answer. If Mackie wants to live, and save the babies from Gentry's ancient secret, he must learn what he is and how to stop his own kind from killing again.

I love a male point of view, and I love Mackie Doyle. He not only faces the every day life of an adolescent teenager, but he has to deal with the problems of being a Replacement. He tries his best not to stand out, but his father is a pastor, yet he can't go on consecrated ground. He has a severe reaction to iron which leaves him doubled over in pain, and to top it all off, people just know he's different (hence negating the whole "not standing out" thing). Mackie has two people in his life who don't care who/what he is, his sister, Emma, and his best friend, Roswell. It was refreshing to see these strong relationships and how far these two people would go for Mackie, because they love him.

Brenna Yovanoff has created a mysterious and creepy world for us to dive into. I felt like it should be overcast, rainy, and freezing outside because that is the world I lived in the whole time I was reading The Replacement. This book is a refreshing and original take on changeling's and you must read it. Now. So go get it!

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