Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Giveaway-Win a PERSONALIZED autographed copy of Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer

So, I'm hosting a giveaway. The giveaway runs from Friday, August 26 (NOW) at 12:00pm ET, until Tuesday, August 30, at 7:00pm ET.

The winner will receive a PERSONALIZED autographed copy of Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer. This book is fabulous, Sarah is fabulous, and you will *squee* from all the fabulous!!

All you have to do to win is follow this blog and leave a comment saying what you love most about reading. Does it take you to your happy place? Offer you a chance to escape reality? Whatever reading does for you, just tell me in the comments section. Only one comment per entry, please, and the winner will be chosen by

I'd appreciate it if everyone would help spread the word. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!


  1. I love reading because it helps me widen my imagination!!!it takes me to places ive never been and it introduces me to different people ive never also helps me relax...

  2. I love reading because it transports me to another place. It's like traveling with the characters as a sort of ethereal passenger who can see, hear, and in many cases feel what the characters feel. A really good book takes that to another level. It helps me to feel better when I'm sad or mad, and when I need inspiration I search for a book to read that puts me in the right mood. Only some of the reasons I love reading =)

  3. What I love about reading is that I can be anyone or anything when I read. I get to travel all over the world and experience new things. I get to fall in love and have my heart broken. Reading is the ultimate escape from any bad day. I don't know what I would do if I was not able to read.

    I'm a GFC follower of the blog :)


  4. I love reading because it makes me see the world in a new way. Reading makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it scares me, it takes me to places I've never been before, it helps me escape, relax, and ignites my imagination. Reading a book is an intimate and amazing experience. Who wouldn't love it?

  5. I love reading because I can escape for the real world and step into the life of another person (or character).

    I'm a GFC follower.


  6. Oh gosh where to begin? It transports me to a new world. It teaches me things about life and myself. I just absolutely love it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. What I love about reading is the fact that its a bit of a time capsule. I swear, everytime I open up ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME, MARGARET, I want to laugh because I seriously wonder if Judy Blume knew time would fly so quickly, and that even though her character would still be a major influence to a lot of people, she was SO 1976 (the year is off, but you know what I'm saying. :D). It's the same with books like ABSOLUTELY NORMAL CHAOS and THE PRINCESS DIARIES... I look at them like you're supposed to look at priceless artifacts. They're timeless, you know, but they hold remnants of the past. I treasure reading for that purpose. The books we hold have timeless lessons, but are like little pieces of a time we used to know. I wonder what books I find are "must reads" today, that my nephew or niece will come across and think "That's SO 2011."

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Deserae McGlothen

  8. I so love reading!!! It does allow me to escape and lets me fall into another world. And I feel like it can broaden my horizons, outside of my little bubble.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! I've wanted this book!!

  9. There are so many reasons I love reading. It is my escape but more that I am able to experience things I never dreamed possible and i am able to go places I've never imagined. That's just a few reasons! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. What I love about reading is that, even if only for a few hours, I can be both anywhere and anything.

    thegrammariansreviews (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  11. I love reading because it allows me to discover new worlds and new points of view.

    Thanks for the contest.

  12. What I love about reading is that I can escape from the real world for a little while and experience and see different things in a way I could never do in real life.

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  13. I love reading ,because it takes me to a new world ! and I love that ! It also helps me to soak up others' knowledge !

    GFC Follower


  14. I loved books and read a lot through out highschool, but after becoming a mom right after graduation and settling down and getting married, life kind of got in the way. Several years and two more kids later, I was exhausted and looking for an escape and room to breathe. I didn't know who I was outside of 'mom' and 'honey' and I felt lost. Deciding to pick up reading again was really big for me and it gave me pieces of me back. I honestly felt rejuvinated and fresh which made me happier. Reading is the thing I now fall back on when I am having a stressful day. Getting the kids to bed earlier and sitting on the couch with my book, or taking the time to read during the kids nap time or down time has been what I needed and now crave. Dishes, laundry and cleaning will always be there, but havinga book in my hands and being able to leave reality behind and get immersed in an amazing story is what get's me through the day



  15. I love reading because it never disappoints me. Even if the writing wasn't the best, I still received a wonderful gift, the chance to step out of my world for a few hours and into another one.

    Thanks for the contest!


  16. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!
    Hmm what do I like most about reading books?... Well I love reading because it allows me to escape reality for a while and dive into a new and more exciting world than my own. I like seeing how characters relate to their worlds and how the grow and evolve in them.

    Valerie Long

  17. Ashley G! picked number nine, and you are lucky #9! I'll be emailing you tonight to get your address and what you would like Sarah to write in the book.

    Thank you all. I did post a separate blog post to announce the winner and let you all know how much I appreciate you. So please check it out because there will be more giveaways in the future!