Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday: Book Review Roundup--POSSESS by Gretchen McNeil-Guest Post by Rebecca Fields

Review of POSSESS by Gretchen McNeil--Guest post by Rebecca Fields

Rule Number One:  Do not show fear.
Fifteen year old Bridgett Liu is sitting in Latin class at her Catholic high school. It's the last class of the day and she's counting down the minutes. She watches as Monsignor Renault comes into the room and speaks with the teacher--he has a note and it's for Bridgett--it's time for her first exorcism.

Rule Number Two:  Do not show pity.
Bridgett is a natural born exorcist--a very rare trait, but one she'd gladly give up. As if that weren't the only bad thing in her life, her father was murdered less than a year ago and her mother is already dating. The hottest boy Bridgett's ever seen wants to take her out, and being an outcast at school, his interest is the last thing she wants, or so she tells herself. The one bright spot in Bridgett's life is her little brother, Sammy.

Rule Number Three:  Do not engage.
There's been an influx of demonic possessions in Bridgett's hometown of San Francisco. No one knows why, and as a specialist, Father Santos from the Vatican, is sent to help Monsignor. He's also there to learn about Bridgett's skill. Bridgett doesn't trust him and she knows Monsignor doesn't either. A game of cat and mouse begins with very dangerous consequences for the loser. It would quite literally be hell.

Rule Number Four:  Do not let your guard down.
Only two people know about Bridgett's "gift":  Monsignor and Father Santos. Not even her mom is allowed to know, which makes the after school exorcisms difficult to explain. Bridgett's two best friends know something is going on, but she can't say a word, knowing they'd think she's even more of a freak.

Rule Number Five:  They lie.
During one particularly creepy exorcism (think a roomful of possessed dolls), she receives a message from the demons. They tell her not to trust him, but who is "him"?

Bridgett's life and those she cares about most are on the line. Along the way, Bridgett must take a leap of trust and learn who she really is. POSSESS is a debut novel by Gretchen McNeil, and what a debut! The pace is fast with a lot happening in a short amount of time. The characters are clearly defined and likable. While there's a lot that could be said regarding exorcisms and the history behind them, McNeil does a great job of giving enough information to keep the reader informed and the story flowing without bogging the reader down with too much detail. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I could't put it down. Very few books have literally given me chills, and the one succeeded....twice.

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